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Imo State Data Management Center Services
As a citizen of Imo State or staff of the various layers of government, through the Imo State Data Management Center, the below listed services are available for you, please explore and make the best benefit for yourself.
IS-DMC will host the platform that collaborates the activities of the government across all MDAs , thus enabling the bespoke single platform, multiple competency convergence paradigm that is at the heart of this government's mordenization drive.
ID Management
IS-DMC will run the enterprise platform that interfaces with NIMC andother ID platforms to evolve a reliable ID verification system for the citizens of the state under the IMSSBN platform.
IS-DMC will host the payment and payroll system that enables all relevant MDAs to process their payroll under the supervision of the relevant authorities, while enabling a cashless collection of their accruable revenue.
Geo Tagging
IS-DMC will drive the platform that will bequeath a municipal GIS system that closely integrates into the state governments drive for a world class e-governance platform.
IS-DMC will host the enterprise platform which ensures that all revenue receipts are digitally captured, archived and stored in accessible data formats for real time reconciliation and analysis
IS-DMC will run the enterprise email server that enables every staff of the state to have a unique official email ID that serves as authentication ID and mapped to IMSSBN

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