By Chuks Nwokeji
It is an indisputable fact that Owelle Anayo Okorocha,,the fifth Executive Governorof Imo Staate , has shown has shown passion on issues concerning public safety, security of lives and property. His administration’s love public safety propelled him to create the ministry of Public Safety, with sincerity of purpose the governor in his wisdom appointed a young, ebullient and vibrant, and dynamic young man Prince Chidi Nwaturuocha as the Commissioner for Public Safety to champion the affairs of the ministry. Since he came into office Prince Nwaturuocha has been working round the clock to execute government programs and policies geared towards the betterment of Imo State. There is high level of professionalism in the measures he adopts on matters concerning public safety.
His preference for, high standard, core competence, dependable and long lasting measures on critical issues concerning public safety has singled him out as man who is determined to make a difference. He is the type who is not ready to sacrifice the best for the better.
When you look at the unique and attractive attire of the honourable Commissioner for Pubic Safety, the concept and innitiatives he brought on board immediately he assumed office, his behavioural manifestations and approach to work as the number one public officer of the state, it pottrays him as man who is passionate about accountability, effectiveness, and operates with determination to surmount all barriers against professionalism and productivity. He has a genuine concern for safety standards, regular improvement for personal, organizational and community safety.
The task of providing public safety services attracts unique and organizational challenges, it is not like a categorized jobs where employers are regularly involved in a certain task that specifically define their specific contributions to the society.
How he responds when his most valued capabilities are required has singled him out as a personality with the required capacity for unique job of providing public safety.
The obvious truth is that Public Safety Officers are paid for what they have shown ability to do and one of the first considerable factor for engagement of any Public safety officer is to first and fore most cross-examine his or her maximum level of physical fitness, because maximum fitness is a prerequisite for quality public safety service. The height stature and quick response moves of the Commissioner for Public safety proves he is a man with the required level of physical fitness and can cope with the demands of the job. There is no doubt that the Governor with his eagle eye discovered him as a man with core competence and required fitness for the job and did not hesitate to place him there.
The quick response of the Commissioner for Public Safety and his team on any situation that jeopardizes or threatens public safety is demonstration off competence, quality service and sound leadership. In all honesty, the Commissioner for Public Safety, Honourable Chidi Nwaturucha deserves commendation for leaving up to expectations in the discharge of his duties

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