-By Chuks Nwokeji

After His Excellency, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha was sworn in, on May 29th 2011 at the Dan Anyiam Stadium Owerri, as the fifth democratically elected Governor of Imo State, South East Nigeria, he worked straight to government house and began the inspection of offices and structures at the seat of power, with determination to make a difference. While inspecting the structures in Government House, the governor was eager to see a place of worship for God, but that did not happen, when he came to the Banquet Hall, he was surprise that there is a place for physical food, but there is no place for spiritual food; immediately he decided to convert it to Chapel, that was the first temporary place of worship in Imo State Government House.

Shortly, after Governor Okorocha converted the former Banquet Hall to Chapel, he did not hesitate to build a permanent and befitting place of worship for God. The construction of  Imo State Government House Victory Chapel, was  one of the first projects he executed. It was a priority project. The construction of Imo State Government House Chapel, Also Known As Victory Chapel by the Fifth democratically elected Governor of Imo State goes a long way to prove that Governor Okorocha has a place for God in his heart. He did what his predecessors Late Sam Mbakwe, Late Chief Evan, Chief Achike Udenwa and Chief Ikedi Ohakim failed to do, may be they did not think in that direction or they did not found it worthy to do so.

The Victory Chapel, Imo State Government House is an architectural master piece and the first in South East and South South Nigeria. One may ask why he built a chapel.  What prompted him to do it so? Why is he interested in building? The answer is simply; the love for Almighty God his creator. We have already seen that from the first day he arrived the seat of power, he was displeased because there was no dwelling place for God and to him it is a shameful and disrespectful scene that God not have a dwelling place at the seat of power. His concern to honour and glorify God was the purpose behind the construction of the chapel. We need to understand that the Church is God’s dwelling place and  God’s reputation is tied up to his dwelling place.

The governor built the Government House Chapel because his motivation for the project was to glorified God. It shows that he is the type of political office holder who is interested to honour God`s name. He wants to give God a dwelling place so as to honour His name and draw many people closer to Him. God`s eyes are on His House and whenever you honour God in His house, you honour His name.

Victory Chapel has helped to bring many political office holders closer to God; it has helped in bringing down the presence of God.  It has became a prayer and solution ground to some political office holders and staffers of Government House who are serous-minded Christians, as they always make out time to visit the chapel during week days for prayers and divine solution. It has enhanced the spiritual life of many and improved their relationship with God.

It is scriptural when you build a house for God, he is going to respond! When you make God smile, God will make you smile forever! Let us recalled that the centurion’s servant who Jesus healed was not a Christian, but he built the temple of God and so Jesus responded to his call and by speaking a word God healed the servant of this centurion.
God attaches His glory to buildings built dedicated and sanctified for the worship of His holy name. The Shekkinah glory of God only came down after Solomon had built a temple for God. The governor is a man who lives a practical Christian life. As a private person he built a chapel in Ogboko his Country home , he also has a chapel in his office at Abuja,  he build a brand new catholic church for his people in the village and he was instrumental to the completion of Ecumenical Centre Abuja. All these efforts he made are proven evidence of his love for the things of God. The construction of  Imo State Government Victory Chapel has significantly helped to build an atmosphere of spirituality within the seat of power, as it has turned many to God. The Chapel has a sound and word-loaded Chaplain, Dr Bunmi Bams who shares undiluted word of God. His Message has restored and repositioned many to live a more meaningful Christian life. The contributions of Governor Okorocha during the church service also expose him as a man with deep knowledge of God`s word. Those who know him very well are not surprise about the Victory Chapel he constructed because he is a man who loves God. The  chapel has organized many Christian programmes that touched lives and transformed destinies. With what Governor Okorocha has done by constructing the chapel as a priority project, with its numerous programmes plus  life transforming preachings and ministrations carried out in the chapel, it goes a long way to prove that the love for the expansion and projection of God`s kingdom flows in him and he is the type political office holder who will always use his position to glorify God.

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