The arrival of Honourable Chukwunonye Iruno on the scene as the Special Assistant on Entertainment to Imo State Governor Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha has brought undeniable improvement and monumental transformation in the entertainment sector. Through the platform, the governor provided for him as the Special Assistant on Entertainment, he has progressed at the speed of light and has eventually turned himself into Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO) of Imo State.
A wise and bold step he took to unite the leadership of all warring factions, his friendly disposition, open door policy, transparency, honesty in handling the affairs of those in the entertainment industry were major contributory factors that laid the foundation for progressive impacts the sector has witnessed under his regime
Those who are familiar with the entertainment industry in Imo State, particularly; the plights of active participants or major players in the sector, ranging from actors, DJ, comedians, musicians and others, can testify that; obviously there is a significant improvement in the entertainment industry. The era of factions are now over, above all there is a united and formidable leadership of various groups in the entertainment sector and they are operating under a harmonious environment with unity of purpose
According to William PollardIt ‘ without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable’. It is on record that before he took over the mantle of leadership , many groups like the DJ’s Association, Hip-Hop, Highlife, models and dancers, were scattered without proper organization, but through his sound leadership qualities as a team player, a well comported and organized personality, he reached out to all, harmonized their differences and organized them into formidable groups, now they are operating under a harmonious atmosphere with unity of purpose. This action and singular effort made by Hon. Iruno was indeed a welcome development that heralded the new era for entertainment sector. Talking about various groups, he was able to conduct elections under various groups, he successfully conducted that of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PEMAN, things have been harmonized and they are set to work under one umbrella. He has done that of DJ, they have a good and stable organization now. He also concluded that of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGM. To the glory of God he has achieved stability in that area.
There is no dull moment with Office of the governor’s aide on entertainment. Based on empirical evidence and indisputable facts, he has operated in a higher capacity as the Chief Entertainment Officer of the state. He has displayed deep and good understanding with all the associations under the sector and he knows how to create platforms for them to display their talents and maximize their potentials.
The Imo State Chief Entertainment Officer, is fully convinced that the state is richly blessed with great talents and he is not relenting in his determination to put them into proper perspective for optimal performance.
It is also pertinent to point out that he has designed and carried out several events and created platforms to hook up Imo State artists to the outside world.
According to Iruno ‘ no matter how good a job is, if it does not get to the final consumer for whom they were designed you have not done a good job. I have arrange a program with on air personality, media, publishers, I try to bring them in synergy with the artists so that when we do a good job, it will be properly projected and the required maximum publicity will be given to it. We have been able to try to hook up our local artist with the major players in the industry in Nigeria outside Imo State and that motivated us to organize the Imo got talent fiesta. The Imo got talent fiesta led to the emergency of some artist who have been endorsed as record label’
In line with his Excellency’s view to have a rallying point for all the artists in Imo State and others in entertainment sector, the Bongo Square was made available to Imo artists as a rallying point for their meetings and arrival point before they take off on any journey, or other activities. The Bongo Square is now a gathering point for all the artists in Imo State, if you go to Bongo Square every evening you will see one individual or group doing what they know how to do best.
The industry is made up of human and physical infrastructures. It is worthy to point out that the infrastructures and other facilities put in place by the workaholic governor are playing complimentary roles. Imo State is an emerging hub of entertainment in Nigeria. The SA is wisely and strategically leveraging on them to play up the sector and maximize potentials of the actors. Based on the tangible evidence of his fruitful actions, by the special grace of God before the Rescue Mission Regime winds up, he will surely succeed in his determination to make Imo State the hub of entertainment in Nigeria.


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