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I will look into your case: Gov Okorocha seems to be telling Chukwujindu

The 2017 Imo Freedom Day celebration appeared to be a huge success as there was a massive turn out of people from various communities to witness and participate in the occasion.
The event which took place at the Imo Freedom Square, Owerri recorded over a hundred complaints from aggrieved individuals even as complainants enjoyed a conducive, free and fair opportunity to vent their grievances.
It equally provided a platform for clarifications, reconciliation, questions and answers from both the complainants and the defendants.
In his address, Imo State Governor, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha recalled how Imo citizens gave him total and undiluted support in 2011 governorship election when every political heavy weight in the state was against him.
He described the event as a day of sober reflection in remembrance of the peoples` massive support.
He explained that Imo freedom Day is a day set aside to remember when the people drew a battle line against the activities of `political god fathers’ and confronted them to a standstill through their votes.
According to Governor Okorocha, “my victory came from Almighty God and the masses, that is why I do my best to make life better for the ordinary man. I try to use this Freedom Square to dramatize what I saw when I came into office in 2011.”
Pointing at the sculpture of a freed slave at the venue, Okorocha said “it demonstrates a man who has suffered untold hardship, ignorance, lack and systematic poverty and was at the point of despair, until a savior came to rescue him.”
Okorocha recalled that in the political history of Nigeria, there had been nothing like supplementary election till his own election in 2011 and further explained that supplementary election simply means “do everything possible to stop Rochas Okorocha.”
However, the 2017 Freedom Day provided opportunity for aggrieved persons to voice out their grudges.
One of the petitioners was Doctor Fidelis Chukwujindu who alleged that the governor took his land, but when he was invited on stage to lay his complaint, he diverted and complicated the matter as he accused the governor`s sister of taking the same land. He also expressed dismay that Governor Okorocha did not appoint him commissioner as promised. Chukwujindu said part of his land was where Eastern Palm University was located.
In his defense Governor Okorocha explained that the place was acquired as a community land by Imo State Government to build a University and compensation was duly paid to all concerned through the Ministry of Lands, Survey and Urban Development. The governor appointed Commissioner for Lands, Hon Lawrence Eburuoh to look into the matter to ascertain if the man truly wants his land, compensation or commissioner appointment as his claims were complicated.
Another petitioner, Ugo C. Ugo who complained that the state government revoked his land with Certificate of Occupancy. His case was handed over to the Commissioner for Lands for verification and solution.

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