Okorocha parleys with journalists, reiterates decision to move Eke-Ukwu Market | IMO STATE GOVERNMENT
Governor Rochas Okorocha has reiterated his administration’s resolve to move the Eke-Ukwu market located at Douglas Road in Owerri.
He made this known during an interactive meeting with journalists at the Government House, Owerri today. Speaking at the meeting, the governor said,  “I am not in a hurry to go. I always say this prayer – let my enemies make the mistake that will advance my course. I brought light into the state, and forces of darkness are not happy. There were lots of ritual killings at Nworie and several places we opened up, why will the forces of darkness be happy with me? Ekeukwu is the main issue. They don’t want it to move. All sorts of criminal activities take place at Douglas road, I have said the market must move. We are waiting for the rains. I am of light and can only give light, I am not of darkness. I am progressive. Posterity shall bear me witness. I must make Owerri one of the finest city in Nigeria.”
Speaking further, “The belief in deity is old fashioned, we must rise above it. If agbara is strong, why doesn’t it come out during the day.There is no connection between light and darkness. We must believe in God, all powers belong to Him. Urban renewal of Owerri must continue. We must fix this land, we have no other place we can call our own. We shall not go back to Egypt. They have tried all they can but fail.
We are owing pensioners but they will be paid soon. I will pay them. I appreciate their plight. They will smile soon.
I am not a sectional governor. The next election must not be based on place of origin. You must show your individual vision.
I believe in this state and am moving all my investments back home. My Spibat house is Rochas Foundation School of Africa to help less privileged children across Africa.
Owerri is Imo State capital and is for all. We must de-emphasize regional sentiments.
We are not owing workers today. We have paid July salaries.
I love my people, Imo people and will do my best for you. I said I will retire lots of politicians and hand over to a new generation. I have demolished the feudalistic structures in Imo so that the younger generation can rise.
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