I will continue to work till 10am on May 29, 2019 – Governor Okorocha

R-l: DCOS Operations Engr. Uju, DCOS Domestic Hon. Ololo, DCOS Special Duties Prof. Njoku.

– As he swears-in Special Advisers, other appointees

Governor Rochas Okorocha has sworn-in new and re-appointed political appointees including 22 Special Advisers, 3 Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Chief Press Secretary, 5 Senior Special Assistants (SSA) and others, hinting that he would continue to work as governor for the good of the state till 10am on May 29, 2019 when he will be handing over to his successor.

Governor Okorocha told the appointees that he didn’t appoint them for the 2019 politics or as compensation for whatever role they could feel they had played either in his 2011 election or re-election in 2015 but only appointed them having considered them qualified to contribute their quota to the progress of the state.

He stated, “your appointment which has just been concluded gives you the authority and power to act as a government official. In other words, you are the very first set of ambassadors of the rescue mission administration”.

“And let me make it categorically clear that your appointment is not a political compensation and not one that was lobbied for, neither is it an attempt to build a political structure. Your appointment is to render services to the good people of Imo State.

“You have taken an oath and has been inaugurated, meaning you have taken the responsibility to do good to all manner of people irrespective of class or where they come from. You are therefore duty bound as you enter this contract with the people. You must deliver to your promises and your word”.

“For those of you appointed or reappointed, it is because you have been found worthy of appointment or for reappointment because we think you need a second chance to prove yourself, which ever may be the case, you must rise up to the occasion and must never be found wanting”.

“I am at the last lap of my administration with huge expectations, I have a target and I want to leave with a great history. I have chosen you as my colleagues and partners, you must live up to expectation and meet my target. My mission is to honestly serve the people of Imo State and rescue Imo State and make it the greatest state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I cannot do this alone, hence, your appointment to partner with me to move this state forward”.

“We have made an attempt to move Imo State from a glorified village to a modern city. We have made attempt to ensure that every child goes to school irrespective of your background. We have made attempts to ensure security of lives and properties and we have broken several jinxes in the state including the story that the hopeless in our society can one day call himself a millionaire, women who had nothing to trade upon can call themselves business women”.

“Having done all these, I am still not yet satisfied. For those of you who think that politics will take over my mission of delivering the dividends of democracy might not be completely right. I do not want to be remembered as a politician, I want to be remembered as a leader, therefore I am not thinking about the next election, I am thinking about the next generation of Ndi-Imo”. He stated

Responding on behalf of the appointees, Engineer Kingsley Uju, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations and Chairman Land Bureau thanked the governor for the appointment and assured him that the appointees would live up to expectation.

What manner of personality is Mrs Ogechi Ololo?

Honourable Mrs Ogechi Ololo is the current Deputy Chief of Staff Domestic and Chairman, Taskforce on Food Security in Imo State. Most times, whenever her name is mentioned, what enters into people`s mind is Governor Okorocha`s sister who is enjoying the state resources, but that is a mischievous view. Unfortunately, the minds of many have been blind-folded to see her exemplary leadership qualities.  One unforgettable thing about her during the struggle to rescue Imo State in 2011 general election was her doggedness. No doubt, she also truly suffered during the 2011 general election. Even those economical with the truth can testify about it. As a member of the media team who worked under Late Lady Chioma Ogoke, I can boldly testify that she equally worked round the clock. Any report you channeled through her must see the light of the day, she has always been active and responsive.

The best way to describe a public office holder, business mogul or any public figure is by the views, comments or opinions of those around such a person, because one can pretend to outsiders but cannot pretend to insiders. Sometimes, people see Honourable Mrs Ogechi Ololo from one lopsided angle as the Governor`s sister and one of those most privileged ones in the Rescue Mission Administration but that is a myopic view from  lopsided angle. Those of us who have known her and worked with  her stand a better chance to tell the public the unique attitudinal discrepancies of this precious jewel of inestimable value, her leadership qualities and behavioral mannerism. As one who has known her for years and is highly privileged to work under her, I stand a better chance to explain what manner of personality she is. An English adage says ‘seeing is believing`, working under her in Imo State Government House Owerri has truly exposed me to her exemplary leadership qualities.

There is no doubt that the name of Honourable Ogechi Ololo rings bell in the Rescue Mission Regime of Governor Okorocha, but what many don’t know is her exemplary leadership qualities which has made her results-oriented. As a political office holder, she has always operated an open door policy, she loves humanity and pays maximum attention to issues of concern on her desk. This unique female political office holder tries as much as possible to proffer solution within her capacity on every issue of concern that comes to her office. Her friendly disposition is second to none. It is difficult for majority of the people who had encounter with her to criticize her, simply because of her friendly disposition, good human relationship skills and her passion to always proffer solution. Discoveries based on sensitive observations show that she is a leader with a listening ear and a passionate heart. She connects and relates easily with the common man.

Being approachable is an important leadership quality she has always displayed, many have leveraged on the advantage of her open door policy to proffer solution to their problems.  As a political office holder, she has distinguished herself in conduct and character. For those who do not know, her capacity to work round the clock is not in doubt. With my experience as a political staff of Imo State Government, I can boldly say that no lazy human being can work and cope with her. She has enormous strength of character, capacity, diligence and commitment to duty that is second to none. A positive testimony about any public office holder is believed to be real when it comes from those directly working under such a public office holder. We are all unique in the journey of life and we are here to make meaningful contributions.

People may not know that this great daughter of Ideato Nation is also a spirit filled daughter of Zion who doesn’t joke with her spiritual life. She loves the things of God and nothing can separate her from the love of God, not her political office, business or money, she is the type that puts God first in everything she does. In all honesty she is a woman with milk of human kindness, always willing to help humanity. Some may not know that she has a Foundation called Chinyerem Hope Foundation, many women in Owerri North LGA have benefited from the empowerment programes of her Foundation. There is no doubt that being empathic to the needs of others and doing good deeds to ease others’ suffering is one of the most basic acts of kindness and goodness we accomplish as human beings. Many have been meaningfully engaged both in state and federal offices through her and she does not blow her trumpet about her contributions to help humanity and selfless efforts to build a better society.

Honourable Mrs Ogechi Ololo is the type that is absolutely careful about receiving any merit award, simply because she wants to be fully convinced about your convictions and strong point that motivated the merit award so as to ascertain if she truly merited it. She believes that before any personality is selected for an award, it must be from people who know her very well. It could be recalled that she accepted a merit award  given to her by fellow married women in Egbelu-Obube Owerri North LGA during one of their August Meetings because she believed it to be a true merit award from people in her immediate environment who can truly testify about her unique leadership qualities and selfless contributions towards a better society.

After the return to civil rule the pipeline for female leaders seems to be widening. Women have made significant impacts as political office holders. Women have also made inroads into managerial positions and professional fields in recent decades. What has distinguished women who rose in top leadership positions is their exemplary leadership qualities and Honourable Mrs Ogechi Ololo belongs to the class of unique women with that outstanding leadership qualities.

What manner of personality is Honourable Mrs Ogechi Ololo – is  a question those closer to her and those who work under her on daily basis like my humble self should  be able to answer in all honesty, without sentiment or sycophancy so as to correct the impressions created by desperate detractors and hate preachers as well as properly inform those who have been misinformed about her personality. In the words of Vivian Onwuka who has always admired her, she said “I like the simplicity in her appearance irrespective of her status she is just simple, she appears to be a down to earth person.”  Honourable Mrs Ogechi Ololo is a good example of motherhood and she respects her husband in line with biblical injunctions. She is a woman with outstanding leadership qualities who can make a difference in any leadership position she finds herself without blowing her trumpet. Humility, transparency, accountability, equity and fairness is not far from this daughter of Zion. Unfortunately, many have been confused or convinced about wrong impressions of mischievous element because of her family ties with the number one citizen of Imo State, but if any doubting Thomas will carryout deliberate findings with open heart, he or she will  discover that she is a complete good example of motherhood, a mentor with outstanding  leadership qualities  and a  leader with overflowing milk of human kindness.

Written by Chuks Nwokeji

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