Mbaise people voted for me in 2015 but something happened – Okorocha

Okorocha with leaders and traditional rulers from Mbaise

– Says Imo needs a governor with no zonal bias

– Assures of completing all his projects in Mbaise

Governor Rochas Okorocha has said that the people of Mbaise where the PDP governorship candidate Chief Emeka Ihedioha comes from voted massively for him in 2015, but something happened along the line which didn’t allow the correct votes of the people of the area to count again, adding that the people of the area also voted for him in 2011.

Governor Okorocha spoke when leaders and notable traditional rulers from the area including a member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Raphael Nnanna Igbokwe paid him solidarity visit at the Government House Owerri.

His words, “If there is one group of people that I am proud of, that are so enterprising and have made the name of this State great globally, it is the Mbaise people. In other words, Imo State can hardly be talked about without the mention of Mbaise. Mbaise people are source of pride to us and adequately play a key role to the development of the State”.

He continued, “In the last election, I almost lost the election because of the result they churned out from Mbaise. I equally know that Mbaise people voted for me but something happened along the line. Yet, Mbaise is the place I have built a university, factory, schools, hospitals, roads, and having the highest number of beneficiaries of the free education programme”.

He said, “I took oath to serve the whole of Imo people. I am not sectional and for that oath, I have been faithful to it. I am not a sectional leader and will never be. Mbaise will get the best from this government. All the projects I have in Mbaise will be completed before I leave”.

He added, “Politically I will always work with the Mbaise people. Mbaise people should start resisting the idea of Abuja selecting candidates for them for political offices. Hon. Nnanna Igbokwe is a young man that has the support of his people. Some politicians talk only about party, while the wise ones talk about people in the party, as you cannot have a Cathedral without a Bishop”.

He also remarked “There are three groups of Imo people. People who love one another and believe in the progress of the State; people who love themselves and believe in the progress of themselves and finally, the docile ones who sit on the fence and fall to any group that favours them. Nnanna Igbokwe belongs to the group who love one another and believes in the progress of the State”.

He further stated “Igbokwe, you are doing very well, you have remained consistent. We will support you and coming with Ndieze shows your humility and unity of purpose. I want to thank you and request of you to join hands with those who think alike, be in that family. I will advise you to join people who share the same ideology with you”.

In their separate speeches at the event, the two leaders of the delegation, Hon. Nnanna Igbokwe and HRM Eze Chidume Okoro told the governor that Mbaise people would remain grateful to him for doing for them what their own people could not do for them when they held sway, adding that the governor has demonstrated what true and people-oriented leadership is all about.

According to them, aside the free education which Mbaise people are key beneficiaries, the siting of the University of Agriculture and Vetinary Medicine in Mbaise remains an exceptional favour Mbaise people would not forget in a hurry, adding that the Chinese Company, SKYRUN, which the governor also brought to Mbaise, the rural roads, hospitals, the Micro Finance Bank in Ezinihitte Mbaise and key appointments Mbaise people have continued to enjoy under his administration only portrayed him as a man with large heart.

Every part of Nigeria is a home to every Nigerian – Rochas tells Arewa youths

Okorocha displaying his award.

…As he breaks fast with Muslims in the state

Governor Rochas Okorocha has said that every part of Nigeria is a home to every Nigerian and remarked that it was totally wrong for the Arewa Youths to have asked Igbos in the North to go back home, adding that Nigeria should have grown beyond all these petty sentiments.

Governor Okorocha had spoken when he broke fast with Muslims in the State, Monday night at the Government House Owerri, adding that Nigeria is a country to every Nigerian and every part of the country should be a home to every Nigerian and that is why the Igbos live and also marry in the North and ditto, Arewa people and the Yorubas and so on.

His word, “We are here as a tradition to break the fast with our Muslim brothers who have been fasting for so many weeks now. We are here to dramatize unity and love for one another. We Nigerians must learn to respect each other’s religion because religion has a lot to do with every individual or society”.

He added “We should also be our brothers’ keeper as preached by every religion. I want to assure all Muslims in Imo State that you are safe in the State. Let no one leave the State for any reason at all. This is Nigeria and Nigeria is one nation, indivisible and indissoluble”.

He continued “When we heard about the call by the AREWA YOUTHS asking the Igbos to go back home, I said to them which home? Nigeria is our country, Nigeria is our home and as such we must love one another. I tell all of you here that Imo State is your home irrespective of your religion. Feel free and keep the laws of the land because we are one and shall remain one in God’s name”.

Leader of the Muslim Community in Imo State Alhaji Yusuf Nwaoha and his Abia State counterpart, HRH Alhaji Usman Mohammadu   thanked the Governor for sustaining the breaking of fast with Muslim faithful in the State for the past 6 years and enjoined him to handover the legacy to his successor come 2019. They also thanked the government and people of the State for the peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims and called for its sustenance.

The two Muslim leaders honoured the governor with Awards. While the Muslim leader in the State, Alhaji Yusuf gave award to the governor as the Most Muslim Friendly Governor in Nigeria, his Abia State Counterpart, Alhaji Mohammadu gave the governor award as the National Bridge Builder.

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