The tireless effort of Imo State Governor, Owelle Anayo, Rochas Okorocha in funding Imo State polytechnic has been described as reason behind the dramatic transformation seen in school.
Speaking during an inspection visit to the school, the Imo State Commissioner for Tertiary and none Formal Education, Prof. Florence Emenalo, applauded the governor’s immense contributions in funding the school.
She expressed delight that the school has witnessed geometric progression under the education loving governor of the state.
The Commissioner noted that Imo Poly emerged the third best polytechnic in Nigeria as a result of how the governor has continuously funded the school and the competence of the Rector Rev. Father Wince Madu in day to day activities of the school.
Prof. Emenalo, explained that projects like; Students demonstration Farms, Royal Fathers in Agriculture, Fish Pond Poultry, Cassava Processing Unit and others are some of the impacts of Rescue Mission regime in the school.
Commissioner Emenalo who noted that agricultural practice is paramount for food sufficiency and food security also called on the management of Imo Poly to expand their numerous farms projects for increased food supply and revenue generation.
In his response, the Rector of Imo Poly Rev. Father Wince Madu scored Governor Okorocha for his passion and sincerity of purpose in championing free education in the state.
The Rector described the Imo State Commissioner for Tertiary Education and None Formal Sector as a round peg in a round hole.
He expressed delight that her wealth of experience in the education will attract more government presence. In the tertiary institutions.


According to Thomas Monson ‘there is nothing in this world that gives comfort and happiness than testimony of the truth’ The world testimony as defined by Free Online Dictionary, is a declaration of truth or facts, an evidence in support or a statement of proof. The Saurus Dictionary also defined it as the assertion offering first hand authentication of facts. It is worthy to note that the recent visit Imo State Government House by various Local Government Areas in the State for the endorsement of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu presented a golden opportunity for the State Governor Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha to commend his apostles who are doing well, testify about their leadership qualities and immense contributions to the success of his Rescue Mission Administration. Interestingly Honourable Chinedu Offor was one of the personalities the governor rated high as a good Rescue Mission Ambassador who is doing well in his capacity as a legislator.
In the words of the governor, ‘Ndi Onuimo your son Chinedu Offor is among the new crop of leaders the Rescue Mission has discovered and he is doing well, am proud of him. In the past nobody will give this young man an opportunity to serve his people’. That was an eloquent testimony of his sound leadership qualities as a legislator with a difference, it also a living proof of his productive performance and immense contributions to the betterment of the society.
Having served as a cabinet member of Rescue Mission Regime of Owelle Okorocha, the governor stands a better chance score his performance.
. The governor’s comments about the performances of Offor was based on total conviction, because the governor is a man who speaks from point of conviction and experience.
There is no doubt that the Rescue Mission Regime of IGovernor Okorocha has fished out talents and developed leaders who are doing well in various leadership positions they found themselves. Hon. Chinedu Offor, member representing the good people of Onuimo State Constituency is one of the new breed of leaders and Rescue Mission Ambassadors who has done well in various leadership positions he found himself. As former Senior Special Assistant to Imo State Governor on Media, he was later elevated to post of Commissioner for Information, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations and currently Imo State House of Assembly Member representing the good people of Onuimo State Constituency.
Some of the undeniable and outstanding qualities that kept, Mr Offor going and relevant in the system are his lifestyle of transparency, accountability and probity. Time and season have shown that his commitment to duty is second to none; no wonder Imo State Governor gave him ample opportunities to handle various political positions.
When one cross-examines the personality of Mr Offor vis-à-vis his behavioural mannerism and attitudinal discrepancies, as a former Senior Special Assistant to Imo State Governor on Media, majority of the media practitioners, including my humble self can testify that he operated an open door policy. He is indeed a team player without comparison, who carried every journalist along in the scheme of things. Without fear or favour his competence and friendly disposition will always speak good of him as the best media aide in the Rescue Mission Regime. As a media aide he made more friends and converted many foes to friends of the rescue mission family.
By dint of hard work and strength of character , he was promoted to commissioner for Information and later Deputy Chief of Staff Operations. One good thing about Owelle Okorocha is that he has an eagle eye to discover talent and develop leadership potentials of his followers.
The leadership potentials Owelle saw in him has finally paid off, because Mr Offor has used his position to make meaningful contributions for the betterment of Onuimo State Constituency and the society at large.
Available records based on observation and analyses proved that Hon.Offor belongs to the class of twenty first century decent politicians who plays politics with human face. He has always sustained the core values of a legislator through quality representation, legislation and oversight functions. Those who are opposing are doing so because they are eyeing the same position he occupies.
It is an indisputable record that the first tarred road in the history of Okohia, Umuduru Village was attracted by Hon. Offor, he also built Solar Powered ICT Centre for his Constituents. He has used his office to help numerous sons and daughters of Onuimo LGA to gain admission into various tertiary institutions, some have been gainfully employed through his selfless and caring efforts, while others have acquired one skill or the other through the help of his office. He is a quintessential legislator who has been at home with his people and a worthy ambassador of the Rescue Mission Family.
From the behavioural mannerism of Hon. Offor and track records of his performance in various offices he found himself, he has displayed humility, transparency and showcased a lifestyle of accountability. Offor is a selfless, detribalized and none discriminatory legislator whose life has positively touched the lives of many in the grassroots especially the indigents.
One indisputable fact about Offor is that he is a silent achiever who does not like blowing his trumpet. As a media personality, he has all it takes to do that but he chooses not do so because he wants God who sees in secret in secret to reward him. It is unfortunate that desperate detractors and political opponents who want to silent him politically have cashed into his quite nature to misinform the general public about his contributions towards the betterment of the society. In the face of obvious provocation and punishable blackmail against him, he has always shown high level of tolerance, open minded and remained calm. In addition he has shown serious commitment to task of effective representation to the good people of Onuimo. No wonder Governor Okorocha showered praises on him.
As 2019 general elections draw near the good people of Onuimo should focus on his sound leadership qualities and living proofs of his quality legislative services to his constituents, Onimo people should shun the voices of condemnations and listen to the voices of commendations because offor regime is a clear improvement from the past.
Chuks Nwokeji, ICT Media Officer Imo State Government House

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