Imo citizens hold 3 million-man-march solidarity rally for President Buhari, Governor Okorocha

Jubilant Imo Citizens

Unprecedented crowd took over the major streets of Owerri on Tuesday July 4, 2017 for the 3 million-man-march solidarity rally organized by Imo people from various interest groups for President Mohammadu Buhari and Governor Rochas Okorocha for what they called good governance, fight against corruption, exemplary leadership and amazing achievements.

The 3 million-man-march solidarity rally was initially scheduled for Monday, July 3, 2017 as a counter to the planned one-million-march anti- government rally being organized by a PDP Chieftain and former Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kelechi Nwagwu also scheduled to take place that Monday.

But the governor directed the organizers of the pro-government 3Million-Man-March to shift their own rally to enable the anti-government rally take place without any challenge on Monday and even told the Police to grant them the permission for the rally since we are in democracy.

However, on Monday July 3, 2017 neither the organizers of the much publicized anti-government rally showed up nor anybody or group of persons and not even Rt. Hon. Nwagwu, thereby authenticating the government’s optimism that no reasonable and patriotic Imo man or woman would come out for a protest rally against a government that has achieved so much in six years.

The pro-government 3 million-man-march solidarity rally literarily shut down Owerri, the State Capital and inspite of the hold-ups caused by the large crowd, nobody complained, rather, motorists were shouting from their cars in support, while traders were giving them groundnuts, banana, gala and other items.

They finally arrived Government House where the Coordinator, Comrade Jeff Nwaoha told the governor that they had organized the rally in appreciation of the President’s achievements especially the relentless war against corruption and the governor’s monumental achievements in the State, adding that Imo people have never had it so well before now and that the achievements of Governor Okorocha in six years have surpassed the achievements of all those who governed the State before him put together.

He also pointed out that they wanted to appreciate the President and the Governor for their people-oriented leadership and to assure them that Imo people are solidly behind them. Thanking the President and the governor for the amnesty programme, they prayed for the quick recovery of President Buhari.

His words “If you can recall your excellency, few months ago, when ordinarily a governor would have given directives to slaughter and kill the militants and agitators in the Niger-Delta region of the State, you in your normal wisdom decided to grant people from Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta amnesty and saved them from total annihilation. We have also come to say thank you”.

Addressing the crowd in excitement, Governor Okorocha said “Today you have shown me that I am really the Senior Advocate of the Masses and the Civilian general of the people. Thousands & thousands of people coming all over the State to show solidarity at your own time and cost and to shame our detractors who could not bring out one person for their one million-man-march against me, I shall never fail you people”.

For him “There is peace in the Niger Delta. These young men seated, maybe most would have been killed by the police or army if I did not intervene with the amnesty program. Today we have peace in Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta. Today we have broken the jinx that poor people can never be millionaires. We have taken 305 youths here and made them millionaires. With this jinx broken all of you have the capacity to become millionaires in the future”.

He continued “I have heard your request for a proactive successor, before I leave I will send you the holy spirit, I will never leave you alone, you can imagine if previous government for the past 30 years have been working the way I am working now, by now Imo State would have been London. The massive infrastructure in the State is only within Six years, so think of 30 years”.

The governor also urged Imo people to pray fervently for Mr. President’s recovery.

The groups and Associations that participated in the Mother-of-all Rallies in Imo include, Imo Progress Movement (IPM), Imo State Council of Youths (ISCY), Youths Assembly of Nigeria (YAN), Nigeria Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Imo State Almagamated Traders Association (ISAMATA), National Union of Imo State Students (NUISS), Niger Delta Youths (NDY), Imo Pilots (IP), Niger Delta Rescue Youth Movement (NDRYM), Women for Good Governance (WGG) Youth For Defence of Democracy, Niger Delta Volunteer Corps, ISOPADEC Youths, Timbers Drivers Association, Student Union Governments etc.


Okorocha makes case for Ndigbo

…As he hosts Foreign Defence Advisers / Attaches

Governor Rochas Okorocha has appealed for the list and identities of Igbo sons and daughters in various prisons or detention in various countries of the world with the particulars of the offences they had committed to enable his administration see whether it can play any role to see to their freedom, adding that the possibility of some of them being unjustly imprisoned could not also be ruled out.

Governor Okorocha made the appeal when he received Defence Advisers and Attaches from various countries serving in Nigeria, who visited him at the Government House on Monday, July 3, 2017, stressing that furnishing the government with the particulars of such Igbo sons and daughters and nature of the offences that warranted their incarceration would make his administration know the right action to take.

His words, “Most of the Igbo sons and daughters are languishing in the various prisons of the world with some for obvious reasons and some unlawfully imprisoned. I beg as a governor of the State that if you go home especially those from China, Korea, Turkey and USA and you facilitate their release, I will be ready as to come over and pick them and reintegrate them in our society”.

He said “Imo is where you have the brain box of the nation, literacy rate is very high here, we are very industrious people, we control the commerce of this nation, you have come to the right place for the cultural interaction and exchange and you will meet the right people”.

He continued “Often than not, Nigeria receives a misconception and we suffer a very bad image across the world, yet, this is the place that everyone wants to come. Believe me, most of the foreigners that have come to Nigeria, 90% of them don’t normally want to go back and the question is, if Nigeria is bad, why are those coming in, finding it difficult to go back, so I think it is rather what I may call the Press misinterpretation and the media war we suffer from, in this country”.

For him “Nigeria remains one of the few nations in the world that can give you comfort of the home, where there is no discrimination or segregation”.

He further told them “I charge you as people who have seen the goodness of this nation to be our ambassadors and tell our good stories to the world when you go back to your countries. We need people to tell our stories, of how great this nation is. We have a population of over 200 million people with diversified cultures and languages but yet united”.

He remarked, “The news you hear outside Nigeria does not reflect the true character of Nigeria, sometimes people believe that Boko Haram is everywhere in the country not knowing that it is only in Maiduguri. And as you are aware, this terrorism act is everywhere in the world now, no country is safe from terrorism nor safe from insurgency. It is happening so fast that if your country has not been attacked today one day it will be attacked”.

According to him “It has become today incumbent on all the leaders in the whole world to rise using all the military forces to fight this ugly menace of terrorism in our world; having in mind that an injury to one nation is an injury to another nation. The unity of this world starts from the military, if the military forces come today, the much desired peace we have been looking for will come to fruition”.

He added “I want to make a proposal that a department be created in the military for the prevention of war rather than the fighting of war. If we can prevent war there won’t be need to spend billions of dollars on ammunition which will be used for other human endeavours. If this is done, it will guarantee peace in most parts of the world”.

In his speech, leader of the delegation Brigadier-General Augustine Agundu, Director Foreign Liaison At Defence Intelligence Agency told the governor that they came in company of the Foreign Defence Attaches attached to Nigeria, on three days cultural tour to the State with their families to see the beauty and cultural diversity of the State, pointing out that terrorism and insurgency have no border which called for world leaders to come together to fight the scourge to ensure peace and security globally.

According to him, the foreign Defence Attaches and Advisers function in collaboration with the Nigerian Armed Forces to advise and ensure security.

Defence Advisers and Attaches in attendance were, Brigadier-General Augustine Agundu (Director Foreign Liaison at DIA), Col. Patrick Doyle (USA), Snr. Col. Wang Runxu (China), Col. Thomas Ludulla (Germany), Col. Moussa Labbo (Niger Republic), Commodore Luciano Conegela (Angola), Col. Michael Shatamuka (Zambia), Col. Mark Nuson (Ghana), Col. Kuttche Rogger (Cameroon) Lt. Col. Daislike Nagatani (Japan), and others.

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