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Through prudent management of available resources, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has fought salary padding to a standstill and drastically reduced frivolous expenses in the state.

The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Access and Liabilities, Honourable Ethelbert Ibeabuchi disclosed this while answering questions from newsmen in Owerri.

He disclosed that the governor has carried out series of regular verification exercises through his office, with a view to sanitize the system, properly manage liabilities and harness the assets of the state.

The SSA revealed that formerly during payment of workers’ salaries, hundreds of  millions sometimes disappear without any obvious trace of its destination; that is why the state government constituted a salary verification committee and it has helped to drastically reduce the menace of ghost workers.

Concerning the present assignment to sanitize the local government system, so as to stop the menace of ghost workers, Ibeabuchi noted that the recent exercise done by Local Government Service Commission has shown that a lot of the people are just there on prosy and many staffers of local government do not attend work.

He said “most staffers are just there to receive salary, we don’t know if they are genuine LGA workers or not, that is why the governor set up a verification committee to authenticate the observations of the Local Government Service Commission, many of them have zero attendance, if u are a staff and you have zero attendance that means you are not a staff.”

As a man whose office is charged with surveillance over access and existing liabilities of the state government, he has cross-examined things particularly the staff salaries, overhead expenditure of the state and other auxiliary expenses of government and observed that if things were not properly managed and harnessed, government will have zero resources and may not be buoyant to proceed with its financial obligations.

The SSA who explained that if the government operates only to pay salaries there will be no meaningful impact, also pointed out that the massive infrastructural developments and urban renewal projects seen in the state were made possible through prudent management of resources and courageous effort to close all the financial loopholes.

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