Hon. Mrs. Ogechi Ololo

Hon. Mrs. Ogechi Ololo stoutly represents an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, a silver lining in a horrendously dark tunnel of life, an anchor to the helpless and a necessity in the midst of hopeless millions. Like the anecdotal elephant which was described in varied perspectives by the “six blind men of Indostan” where what we observe is not nature in itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning, so is Hon. Mrs. Ogechi Ololo.

It is often said that there are usually two sets of people in this world – those who will be remembered for the many problems they solved and those who will be remembered for the solutions they proffered for the myriads of challenges while they lived. For many, the latter road has often been the one less travelled or hardly taken at all. For one to do so, requires strength of character, moral fiber and an angelic deportment. For a few who walk this high road, they are enormously revered, recognized and celebrated, no matter their status or standing in the society.

Hon. Mrs. Ogechi Ololo represents the few who walk this high road. She is different things to different people. To some, she is a friend through whom radiates uncommon warmth. To a wider spectrum of Imolites, especially widows, the indigent and the abandoned children, she is no doubt an embodiment of all qualities rolled into one. As a committed crusader for the abandoned and the poor, she is a woman of charity and compassion, a rare gift to humanity. She is widely seen as an incandescent messenger of hope, an advocate of what it means to be caring and the necessity and joy of sharing the sufferings of others.

Having accepted the ministry of charity as her divine lot, she has continued to play the role of a mother to the poor, a symbol of compassion to the homeless, a regenerated hope to the hopeless people of Ndi-Imo. In that effort and in her own ways, she has impacted lives of women and the less privileged through Chinyerem Hope Foundation – founded by her and her husband for those with special needs.

Her intuitive mind is a sacred gift and with her rationale mind as a faithful servant, Imo State has recorded a monumental and rapid supersonic transformation within her appointment as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Internal & Domestic Affairs to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Imo State.

A principled and devoted Christian, Hon. Mrs. Ogechi Ololo is married with four (4) children. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with extensive experience in business management and entrepreneurship, having served as vice president for a global telecom services company.

Success is not determined by material wealth, but by the impact made on other people’s lives. Hon. Mrs. Ogechi Ololo being a humble woman, seeks to shine the light on other people. There is no frontier between the public and the private man, just like the ancient analogy of the three crowns: the crown of learning, the crown of priesthood, and the crown of royalty; but there is also a fourth crown that exceeds them all: the crown of Godliness where she has registered her life and aligned her success story to the glory of God.

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